About Schemers

Schemers curates for and caters to the overland adventure traveler offering a wide-range of apparel, gear, accessories from brands across Europe and the Americas.

We place a special emphasis on the riders who believe that “the road that ends is only the beginning” and provide the necessities required for the overland adventure disciplines such as and overland rallying, classic rallying, ADV and dual-sport riding, and single-track disciplines. We also sponsor new and existing overland rallying formats that push you harder and seek to take you beyond where the road ends

Life is Movement

We believe you are not stuck, but can create for yourself the opportunities to experience new things, taking risks that move you beyond your old limits, and take a new path. We aim to provide you with the information, goods, services, and opportunities for community that will allow you to undertake such journeys. Movimiento es vidas!

The Overland Adventure Community

We want to get you to get out there faster and farther. We plan to do this by sponsoring new or introducing you to existing riding and rally formats that take you beyond where the road ends. We want to connect you to rides like the Scram Africa, the Overland Expo, a trip to the African desert with classic motorcycles or or the many adventure and overland touring rides, dual-sport,  ADV rallies and happening up and down the east coast.

The Schemers

We want to introduce to you the schemers who are plotting for the next adventure here in the United States and abroad. Located in places as far a-field as Florida, England, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Bali and California, they are creating bespoke machines and related apparel, artwork, and accessories to inspire you toward movement. These are individuals and groups that hold a common commitment to originality, quality, performance, adventure and fun.